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Drummer on 6x EMMY award winning documentary, The Last Artifact with EMMY award winning producer, Sheridan Tongue. Scott is known throughout the drumming community as the “mad scientist.” His playing as a soloist and band leader exudes creativity, from surprising ideas to blinding hand speed, using found objects to pulling unconventional sounds from conventional instruments. Videos of his hyper-creative playing can be seen on Drumeo, the Dream Cymbals and PDP/DW Drums social media channels, Scott’s Instagram (@scottpellegrom), and numerous other places around the web. Incorporating elements of drum and bass, jungle, and fearless improvisation into his playing, this “drummer’s drummer” defies expectation and genre, whether it’s playing jazz standards or today’s most experimental music. In March 2020, Modern Drummer recognized Scott as one of the top five soloists in the world and top five clinician/educators in the world.


Scott currently leads his own band, SP3, drummer DJ duo, Remedy, and his new project, Nocturnal Lights. He works as a chameleon-like head of percussionist and session drummer at studios worldwide, and is an in-demand sideman for renowned artists spanning genres and styles. His reputation as an exciting, dynamic player has helped him cultivate a globetrotting career as a clinician and educator, teaching private students, masterclasses, and performing at drum festivals around the world.  


With a recent Drumeo video passing 6 Million views, 34 thousand Instagram followers, a final four finish in the Guitar Center Drum-Off, and a nomination for Modern Drummer’s “Best Up-and-Coming Player,” Scott’s ability on the kit speaks for itself. As a proud endorser of Paiste Cymbals, Remo Drum Heads, DW Drums, PDP Percussion, and Prologix pads, he also travels as a brand ambassador, demonstrating products at Musikmesse, PASIC, and NAMM every year, and working closely with these companies to develop and market unique products for today’s drummers and percussionists.

A self-described “rhythmist,” Scott’s passion for honing his craft seems to spill from his personality, whether performing at a festival for thousands of spectators, leading a school assembly of young non-musicians, or delivering a presentation at a TedX event. As a professional educator, Pellegrom offers both in-person and Skype/Facetime lessons, has twice been featured as a Drumeo presenter, leads workshops, and provides vital technical and philosophical information to drummers of all ages and skill levels. 

While his extensive career appearances and performances are too numerous to list, some noteworthy highlights include events like the Victoria Drum Fest, Montreal Drum Festival, PASIC, SXSW, Cape Breton International Drum Festival, Music China, Shanghai Music Mesa, and Australia’s Ultimate Drummers Weekend. He shared the stage with acts such as Karl Denson, Digital Tape Machine, Joel Cummins, Billy Strings, Federico Malaman, Seth Bernard, Theo Katzman, Bernhard Lackner, The Drifters, and many, many others - not to mention appearing at drum festivals alongside many of the greatest players in the world.

Scotty P. lives in Michigan with his dogs Pegasus and Phoenix. When he isn’t drumming, teaching, or traveling, he enjoys fishing, morel hunting, and a glass of fine wine.


  • Adam Deitch

  • Airborne or Aquatic? 

  • Bernard Purdie

  • Bernhard Lackner

  • Billy Cobham

  • Billy Strings

  • Break Science

  • Brian Fraiser Moore

  • Chad Wackerman

  • Chris Coleman

  • Derico Watson

  • Digital Tape Machine

  • Dom Famularo

  • Dopapod

  • Federico Malaman

  • George kolias

  • Gergo Borlai

  • Grant Collins

  • Jake Allen

  • Jason Bittner

  • Jeff Coffin

  • Joel Cummins

  • Johnny Rabb

  • Jojo mayer

  • Karl Denson

  • Kaz Rodriguez

  • Marcus Rezack

  • Mark Lavengood

  • Mark Schulman

  • Matt Halpern

  • Mike Clark

  • Seth Bernard

  • Sheridan Tongue

  • Stanton Moore

  • Terry Bozzio

  • The Drifters

  • Theo Katzman

  • Thomas Lang




  • Victoria Drum Festival

  • Montreal Drum Festival

  • Australia's Ultimate Drummers Weekend

  • Cape Breton International Drum Festival

  • SXSW Festival

  • TedX


  • NAMM

  • MusikMesse

  • Music Park

  • Music China

  • Guitar Center Drum Off

  • Regina Drum Festival

  • Stickman Drum Camp

  • Drumeo VIP Week

  • Thomas Lang’s Big Drum Bonanza

  • PAS Northern Michigan

  • PAS West Michigan


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