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So it's been awhile since I have inserted anything into the good ol' blog. Honestly I am really really bad at keeping up on this stuff.  

Winter is in full effect here in Michigan, really it's quite amazing-beautiful actually. The restricted confines of warmth makes me feel like a bear in my cave who wants to sleep all day all night and eat stuff, a lot of stuff. 

2014 is already a crazy year. RhythmistInc is underway-DBD album is on it's way-38th Parallel/SP EP coming soon-and also two other records I drummed on will be out shortly, one a funk/soul record and the other for a jazz singer- 5 records by the end of Feb/March??? Nuts! 




Tim Richards of RedWallNorth studios checking those mics. Kit for RhythmistInc record. 



before the kit was up....and here's a DW kit that I want......


I have been revamping the indiegogo campaign. I have also been rewriting the record which in turn opened a lot of doors for special guest artist to be on the album. 

Disclaimer: I don't consider myself a blogger, or writer: I am a simple fisherman who plays drums. 





my set up changes every day and every night. I find comfort in change and challenges. As of late one thing that stays the same is a nice micro brew during a gig, being in Michigan we have so many, above is a Porter from Bell's Beer. 

As I'm poking my iPhone typing this black and white nonsense Kevin Kozel is laying down Guitar for the record. He just nailed the first song in one take.....dude is a beast... 

back to beer...if you're in Michigan or heading here sometime go to Founder's-Short's-Bell's-Odd Side Ales, it's worth it to look them up.....there are too many great brewery's to mention, but those are a few that my trio perform at while we enjoy the occasional micro brew barely soda adult beverage. 

Ha! Kevin messed up-just kidding Kev :)

ps clinic dates for spring and summer will be coming in the next month or so..I plan to be out around the end of March or early April when my trio will be heading out west... 


laters gators,