I survived my birthday, the winter and a few different moves. This new year has been a year of changes. My trio is now a quartet welcoming DJ/Producer 38th Parallel (John Supplee) and Vibraphonist Reese Gull. 

Just a few days ago I found my new location for my new teaching studio and I can't wait to get it in to shape. Pictures will be on the way soon.  

The new studio will allow for workshops/master classes/recitals as well as the ability to build a nice online lesson program.  

Not so blogging

I officially suck at writing blogs and writing in general. So much is going on that it has been hard to keep up. I've been taking a lot of risks as of late and I'm very excited about the future. 

The record has become much more than the trio and a much bigger project than planned.  I have a few special guest and songs we have not yet performed or released. I have the artwork done, album title and new life band for the spring-summer-fall. 

I'm in the middle of moving to a new home and we are also moving the studio while finishing the record and rehearsing the new band.  

Whoops gotta go time to lay it down with the trio 

When Gravity wins have a micro brew.

So the last few days a video dropped on YouTube and has gained a lot of attention. 

I dropped my stick (every gig) and I denied grabbing the two sticks right next to me and well....grabbed a beer!   


Thanks so much for your love and support. Huge shout out to the #Chive #KCCO  and everybody else. 







Recently I've been working with #38thParallel on some tracks and a few sets to do with the Trio. Here are a few links of us just hacking it out, actually this is our first rehearsal and I'm not using headphones. 


here's another link  



and a few more.... 





stay on the look out for these combinations of words and people #RhythmistInc #38th Parallel  #ScottPellegromTrio #SP3 yes we want you to pay attention. 

I'm very excited for this year. See you soon! 

NAMM and Winter wonderland.

This past week I was attending NAMM. I'm completely worn out and recovering from all of the stimulation overload. I saw a lot of my great friends and family of the music bizz and the people who are my family for life...drummer from another mother!!!

some random thoughts: 

The record is shaping up nicely and my ability to shovel the snow in our driveway is getting rather impressive. My trio has been having a lot of special guest on the record and shows. 

Now some pics from the last few days. 

robot drummer and some new additions to the family today.

robot drummer and some new additions to the family today.

this will be a great show and great beer. 




thank you Sean Martin. I miss PDX and truly miss you my friend! 




lost in translation haha




Gergo Borlai!!! My family, friend and colleague. What an amazing drummer and human being. 


Billy R. At TAMA night! Killed it--loved this dudes playing. NAMM 2014


photo credit to Ron Dunnett NAMM 2014. Can you guess everyone in this pic? 

Blog blog blog

So it's been awhile since I have inserted anything into the good ol' blog. Honestly I am really really bad at keeping up on this stuff.  

Winter is in full effect here in Michigan, really it's quite amazing-beautiful actually. The restricted confines of warmth makes me feel like a bear in my cave who wants to sleep all day all night and eat stuff, a lot of stuff. 

2014 is already a crazy year. RhythmistInc is underway-DBD album is on it's way-38th Parallel/SP EP coming soon-and also two other records I drummed on will be out shortly, one a funk/soul record and the other for a jazz singer- 5 records by the end of Feb/March??? Nuts! 




Tim Richards of RedWallNorth studios checking those mics. Kit for RhythmistInc record. 



before the kit was up....and here's a DW kit that I want......


I have been revamping the indiegogo campaign. I have also been rewriting the record which in turn opened a lot of doors for special guest artist to be on the album. 

Disclaimer: I don't consider myself a blogger, or writer: I am a simple fisherman who plays drums. 





my set up changes every day and every night. I find comfort in change and challenges. As of late one thing that stays the same is a nice micro brew during a gig, being in Michigan we have so many, above is a Porter from Bell's Beer. 

As I'm poking my iPhone typing this black and white nonsense Kevin Kozel is laying down Guitar for the record. He just nailed the first song in one take.....dude is a beast... 

back to beer...if you're in Michigan or heading here sometime go to Founder's-Short's-Bell's-Odd Side Ales, it's worth it to look them up.....there are too many great brewery's to mention, but those are a few that my trio perform at while we enjoy the occasional micro brew barely soda adult beverage. 

Ha! Kevin messed up-just kidding Kev :)

ps clinic dates for spring and summer will be coming in the next month or so..I plan to be out around the end of March or early April when my trio will be heading out west... 


laters gators,



38th Parallel

  This year has been crazy! The trio has been exploring out to Colorado , down to Memphis TN and all the way up to Marquette Mi. 

The trio will be releasing the new record come Feb. There are also 4 new albums coming out that I did drums for. One in particular that I can't wait to release is with The 38th Parallel . In celebration of the release we will be doing a contest giving away some gear and showcase your talent. Please stay tuned. Details coming soon! 


look mom, we are on TV 😁

Magical ToFurkey Beast

I'm not really sure where you raise or farm the mythical beast, the tofurkey but I would like to see one alive maybe they are like unicorns, who knows. I'm not sure how to milk a soy cow or Scow either. Do they have ninja qualities? Is there a Chuck Norris fact somewhere here? 

Remember to keep it weird out there :) Happy Turkey/ToFurkey day to everyone out there! Be safe, be positive and be full. Most importantly be YOU !




I'm thankful to awake every day-to travel the world performing/studying/teaching music. Most importantly my family, I'm extremely thankful for my upbringing 



Show me your drummer face!!

I'll be honest-I never look or act cool and I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise :) I'm a total nerd who loves smashing on drums. When I hit drums I make gnarly faces. This is one of my more common faces. How about you? Any drummer/musician faces out there? 



Still haven't slept!  We are just a few hours away from Memphis. About two RedBull deep and a few cups of good ol' Joe. A lot of cows and corn fields on the horizon , that's about it. Lookin forward to getting to the hotel before performing tonight at the Drum Coalition for APA. 


for something completely different⬆️


a pic from one of our last tours...Lake Superior.


Looking forward to the hang tonight. I absolutely love drumming and sharing the art form while learning as much as I possibly can.


and I snatched this shot on the drive by fly :) IPhone 


and this......


and we've made it! We hit tonight at 6:30 at the APA in Memphis TN for the Drum Coalition 


One clinic performance down,a great hang with the APA crew last night and a great workshop this morning! We are back on the road. Huge thanks to Dream Cymbals, Andy Morris, Kevin Kozel, Ryan Wilson for a wonderful trip. Also a huge thanks to Rob and everyone at APA. Now for Corn, Cows and Chuck Norris jokes for the next 11hrs :)